Beleive in the Power of Prayer?
Here are some folks how could use some.

Prayer Requests:

Karen Reeves: Healing and Guidance

IBRA Christian Corner

This is my heart cry for others. None of us are insignificant in life. All of us have a unique purpose in God’s plan.

Ephesians 2:10 says that “we are God’s masterpiece,” we are God’s greatest creation and we are made in His image. I don’t know about you but sometimes I find it hard to look at myself and see a masterpiece, I see quite a few flaws facing me in the mirror; not just physical but all my shortcomings; how could He possibly use me?

But it goes on to say, “we are made new in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago!” You, friend, are NO accident, He made you before the creation of the world, even when Jesus walked the earth over 2,000 years ago the Lord new when you were to be born, a beautiful masterpiece created for a purpose in His kingdom.

Your past is covered by the blood of Jesus and He will use you right where you are. Just come to Him and submit all your ways to Him. There is hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. Walk knowing that your life has meaning and purpose put off the old and start seeing yourself as the beautiful painting that He sees you as, His beloved daughter/son.

If you need prayer today or your struggling please reach out to me today. We are not meant to walk alone. Be filled with His wonderful love and peace and I declare Ephesians 2:10 over each of you today!




BeBlessed, BeBold and BeBright

Yours truly,