IBRA Rule Book


The purpose of the International Barrel Racing Association is:

  1. To have an association that will bring other organizations together in a positive way helping to create larger paying classes.
  2. To have an association that will work with others in co approving shows so that members can accumulate points and work toward year end awards in various associations without having the added expense of more traveling which will also in turn make it easier on the barrel horses.
  3. To build an outstanding awards program that will recognize and award barrel racers for their year long efforts.
  4. To always strive to keep things honest and fair for everyone involved.

We have set our goals high in hoping to create the best quality barrel racing association ever formed. This is a Kentucky based association that is proud to use its motto of “With God, all things are possible.”


Memberships run from season to season (August 1 st - July 31 st)
There are three ways to join:

  1. Pay by credit card oniine
  2. Download a form and mail it to the IBRA office
  3. Join at an IBRA approved show.

Membership is open to any person who agrees to follow the rules and guidelines of this association. To earn and maintain points, a member must be in good standings of the IBRA. Members who do not fill out their membership applications properly or have a returned check in the office for more than 7 days will not receive points until these conditions are resolved. IBRA reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who is or has caused hardship to fall upon this association or sport.

State Points

Members will automatically receive points in the state they live unless a different state is designated at the time you join. This must be written on your membership application and can only be changed in writing. You may change your designated state during the season, however, you will lose any points you have accumulated.

IBRA State Directors

No rules will be implicated by individual states that will cause hardship on any IBRA member or that will affect their year-end state standings or awards. Any state that would like to implicate a state rule must first get approval through the IBRA office. Anyone interested in becoming a State Director must submit a resume.

Open Range

The Floating State, Open Range, is designed to accommodate members who wish to travel to any IBRA show regardless of location and still accumulate points. Example: A member could attend Preferred Shows, Super Shows, as well as any state show and accumulate points towards the Open Range standings. We will count your best 14 shows per horse/rider combination, per division, to determine National Finals eligibility. There are no requirements on number of shows you must attend to qualify for the finals. A member must designate the Open Range on their membership application or make the change in writing. If you change your designated state during the season, you will forfeit any points you have accumulated. Open Range will be treated like any other state (See State Qualifiers). There will be no year-end awards for the Open Range.

3-D Youth Class 

Youth age is 18 and under and will be determined as of the first day of the new season August 1. Points will be awarded on a 3-D basis during the regular season, but will payout as a  4D at the National Finals. If a show series or saddle club has different standards for Youth class it may payout under their standards but it will be pointed via IBRA Rules. Approved shows that are not part of a series or separate club will assume IBRA standards for youth age.

3-D Masters Class 

Each state will have the option to approve a Masters class. Masters age is 40 and over and will be determined as of the day you turn 40. Masters points will be awarded on a 3-D basis during the regular season, but will payout as a  4D at the National Finals.

IBRA 4-D Show Approvals

  1.  In order to have an IBRA approved barrel race, a written request (approval form) must be sent to the office at least four weeks prior to the show date being requested , and be accompanied by a show flyer. Show flyers with a “subject to change” clause must be explicit in the types of changes possible and under what circumstances changes will be made. IBRA home office will make final decisions on all show approvals. IBRA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any show (or series) due to, but not limited to, lack of support for the show (series), poor facility and arena conditions, or poor show management. IBRA points will not be awarded for shows that are not properly approved. 
  2. If a show producer prefers to hold a 3-D class instead of a 4-D class, it can be approved. When filling out the IBRA result sheets, the open class must be placed out as a 4-D class according to times run, regardless of how the show paid out. We will award points on a 4-D format for the open and a 3-D format for the youth and masters.
  3. There may not be more than 1 show on the same day in the same state within 75 miles of each other. If a show has $250 or more added to the IBRA Open class, shows must be at least 100 miles apart. Added money must be submitted on approval form. Home office can make exception depending on circumstances. 
  4. Only two (2) weekends may be approved per month at same arena. Home office can make exceptions depending on state circumstances.
  5. $2 will be deducted from each approved open, youth, and masters class entry fee with a percentage going toward year-end awards. Show producer is responsible for paying $2 per entry for each approved class to the IBRA within 10 days following the show. .
  6. All approved shows must have an electronic timing system with a display board.
  7. All members will comply with arena, and/or producer’s existing rules.
  8. Any protest concerning differences that a show, arena, and/or producer’s existing rules do not cover, or are in conflict with other IBRA rules, shall be referred to the State Director. If the State Director is not present at show, any protest of the rule in question must be submitted to the home office & State Director in writing and postmarked within (1) week of occurrence.
  9. All results and money MUST be sent to the office within 10 days.
  10. IBRA logo should be used on all approved show flyers.
  11. As a condition of approval, shows may be asked to display promotional items provided by IBRA National Sponsors.
  12. No show will be approved that limits a person from competing unless that person was banned from that show or arena for bad conduct reported to the IBRA and deemed acceptable by the IBRA.
  13. No show will be approved if show committee charge excessive contestant fees. 100% of added money must be paid out.
  14. Barrels must be closed on both ends. Pop up barrels are not allowed.
  15. For a IBRA class to be approved, it must have an entry fee and payback. Rollovers are accepted if advertised.
  16. It is the responsibility of the show producer to check IBRA.us for show approval. The IBRA website is the Official Website for show approvals and has final say. If a show is not on the website, it is not approved. 
  17. Co-approvals, with other IBRA states, may be made with any bordering state upon approval of bordering state director. There is a $25 co-approval fee per state co-approved, per weekend. Co-approved fee is to be paid by the show producer.  
  18. Producers may be requested to provide their payout formula to the IBRA. Producers may be required to display their payout formula on show bill and other advertisement.  
  19. All show producers who request and receive IBRA approval acknowledge their submitted Approval Form is to serve as a contract between the show producer and the IBRA. Any litigation held due to breach of contract, including disputes regarding collections, is to be held in Louisville, KY .  

Competition Rules

  1. A contestant will be disqualified for running out of turn or running the wrong horse. It’s the contestant’s responsibility to know their draw position. Rider changes must be reported to the show office. Rider changes not reported to show office prior to run will result in a disqualification. 
  2. Only one horse may be in the arena during a run. The run begins when the horse crosses the time line. 
  3. Reruns shall be granted if the timer fails to work properly, if the barrels are not placed properly on their markers or if there are any other situations that show producer deems may have had a negative impact on run. Any penalty incurred on the original run shall not be applied against the rerun; however, any penalty occurring on the rerun shall result in a no time. Option of a fresh drag must be offered to contestant. .
  4. Show Producers have the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse and/or a rider that may present a danger to other contestants, abusing their horse with a whip, hand, or spurs or that have not began their run within 3 minutes of the time the rider has been called. 
  5. All riders must make a good faith effort to run the pattern as fast as their ability will allow or they may be disqualified.

Penalties, Suspensions and/or Disqualifications

IBRA membership and participation in IBRA events is a privilege, not a right. Behavior which is damaging to the Association, its membership or the sport of Barrel Racing, will not be tolerated. Violation of any of, but not limited to, the following provisions may subject a member to disqualification from IBRA events, being denied entry to IBRA events, loss of points, suspension from the Association or a fine. 

  1. Using abusive language, threatening or bribing, to influence or harass any contestant, or IBRA/show official. Any remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of an IBRA official, show official or the IBRA association. 
  2. Abuse of a horse in any way is prohibited. All IBRA members are subject to drug testing. AQHA Therapeutic Medication Guidelines will be enforced. Random test may be performed throughout the year at IBRA produced and approved events. By joining the IBRA you agree to adhere to these guidelines and accept that any animal you ride is subject to testing. 
  3. Drug or alcohol abuse by contestants is prohibited. Actions classifies as "Abuse" may be decided by the shows staff, IBRA Directors and Representatives. Acts of abuse must be described in writing and supported by two witnesses from the event and sent to the IBRA office. Directors have the right to revoke points and deny entry to contestants at that event where abuse has taken place. Any dispute to a director's decision must be submitted to the home office within one week of event. IBRA home office reserves the right to make all final decisions. 
  4. Misidentifying a horse in any IBRA class will disqualify a contestant. 


The point season runs from August 1st to July 31st. First place points will always start at 100 points regardless of the number of entries. From first place, the point values per place decrease by {9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1}

1st (100), 2nd (91), 3rd (83), 4th (76), 5th (70), 6th (65), 7th (61), 8th (58), 9th (56), 10th (55)

  1. Points will be given on horse and rider combination. You may accumulate points on as many horses as you would like. When entering, you must use the same name for horse and rider. You may use the horse’s registered name or nickname, but the same name must be used throughout the season for both horse and rider. If you use different names at different shows for the same horse or rider, the points will be split up applying points to the separate names as though they were separate pairs.  

    It’s the responsibility of the member to use the same name for themselves and their horse at every show. It will be the responsibility of each member to check and verify their season ending points prior to September 1st of the new season. There will be NO CHANGES made to correct points after September 1st of the new season. It is from these standings that Top Dogs and State Qualifiers are determined for National Finals. If a discrepancy exists the member must notify the office on or before September 1st. 
  2. The horse and rider must be declared before the run is made. You will forfeit points if you run your horse out of order or misrepresent your horse by using a false name. The correct rider must be riding the horse when run is made. Any change in rider from original entry, must be turned into show office prior to run. 
  3. We will count your best 14 shows per horse/rider combination, per division, to determine State Championships, Top Dogs, State Qualifiers, and year end standings. These 14 shows DO NOT include “State Finals.” A state’s points will end July 31st with the exception of a “State Finals” which must be held prior to September 1st. A show that will be used to hand out awards but does not award points for the season ending must be labeled as an “Awards Show.” Awards can, however, be handed out at “State Finals and Awards Show” (See State Finals and Awards Show)
  4. Open points will be awarded on a 4-D format.
    1-D: Fastest time in the class and those who qualify in this division.
    2-D: Fastest time in the class plus ½ second that qualify in this division.
    3-D: Fastest time in the class plus 1 second that qualify in this division.
    4-D: Fastest time in the class plus 2 seconds that qualify in this division.

    Youth and Masters points will be awarded on a 3-D format.
    1-D: Fastest time in the class and those who qualify in this division.
    2-D: Fastest time in the class plus 1 second that qualify in this division.
    3-D: Fastest time in the class plus 2 seconds that qualify in this division
    Rider must make a good faith effort to run the pattern as fast as their ability will allow or they may be disqualified. (see Rule #5 under Competition Rules) 
  5. IBRA will award points as follows:  

    75 entries & Under: 5 places
    76-100 entries: 6 places
    101-125 entries: 7 places
    126-150 entries: 8 places
    151-200 entries: 9 places
    201 + entries: 10 places

    Non members will be skipped when awarding points. IBRA will not award points to members more than 20 places down in standings of any division. 
  6. Points will not be awarded for knocked over barrels.
  7. If there are not 5 contestants that place in a division, you will not be moved up to the next division for points. (You will stay in the division your time qualified in).
  8. In case of a tie, both contestants will receive points for the highest position they tied for. Example: If they tied for 2nd/3 rd, they both would receive 2nd place points. The 4th place person would then get 4th place points. 
  9. Cut off date for points will be July 31st with the exception of points obtained at a State Finals that must be held prior to September 1st. At the end of the season, any member with 100 points or more will be considered a State Qualifier. Being that State Finals will be no later than the 31st of August members will know of their National Finals eligibility prior to entry deadline. State Directors can make special request to the office if there is a pre-existing show that they would like to make their State Finals.
  10. Substitutions: Are only accepted due to injury, death, or sale of horse. One (1) substitution is allowed per season (change of horse) unless you go back to your original horse then you must stay with that horse. Notification with vet release or death certificate MUST be sent to the IBRA office in writing (Fax or e-mail) by Monday following the show in which you have substituted.

    After results have been posted, NO CHANGES will be made.

    Substitution Horse: may only be a horse that you have not received points on for the year it is being substituted in.
  11. National Finals: If you have to substitute for the National Finals, you may only substitute with a horse you own or have ridden and received points on during the season or you will loose your State Qualifier and/or Top Dog status.

State Finals & Champions

Each state should hold a State Finals to determine their year-end State Champions. A show can only be labeled a “State Finals” if points will be awarded for the season ending.

It is the State Directors decision whether or not a “State Finals” will be held. It is also the State Directors responsibility to notify their members if they are having a “State Finals.” If the “State Finals” is held after Aug 1st of the beginning season the Director may decide to count the points for the new season as well as the season ending, this decision must be stated on advertisement.

State Finals may be held in conjunction with a pre-existing show by getting approval from IBRA office. If at the end of a “State Finals” there is a tie, a runoff will be held to determine the winner. If, in such a circumstance, a runoff is not possible due to injury, absence or other obstacle deemed acceptable by the director, ties will be decided by adding together the total number of contestants each person has run against that season to determine their best 14 shows. 

All states must hold their “State Finals” prior to September 1st of the new season. If there is a tie in any state for the year-end champion-ship and the state does not have a “State Finals,” ties will be decided by adding together the total number of contestants each person has run against that season to determine their best 14 shows. If a state is unable to hold a State Finals, as decided by the State Director, then the Champions will be determined at the last approved show of the season. 

Awards Show

Each state should have an awards show. A show can only be labeled “Awards Show” if awards for the season ending are to be distributed at that show. A “State Finals” is not necessarily a “Awards Show” and a “Awards Show” is not necessarily a “State Finals.” A “State Finals” and “Awards Show” can be one in the same but the show must meet the requirements as listed above for “State Finals” and “Awards Show.” If a “State Finals” and “Awards Show” are to be one in the same it should be advertised as such.

State Qualifiers

IBRA National Finals Short Go will be for IBRA Qualifiers only. At the end of the season, any member with 100 points or more will be considered a State Qualifier. Each states Top 5 (Top Dogs) in open, youth & masters automatically qualify for the short go finals no matter how they run in the go-rounds of the National finals. All State Qualifiers MUST BE PRE-ENTERED in the National Finals by the deadline to be considered a Top Dog or State Qualifier. If you miss the deadline, you will not be considered a State Qualifier and you will be running for go round money only. 

IBRA Super Shows

A Super Show is an IBRA approved show that awards points to the show’s home state and all adjacent states. The race will appear on each of the adjacent states approved show list and each state will have its own set of points awarded for that race. In order to be approved for a Super Show, the following requirements must be met: Producer must pay a $100 approval fee when approval form is submitted

1 day show must have a minimum of $2000 added. At least one Open class with $1500 added, a Youth class with $250 added, and a Masters class with $250 added.

2 day show must have a minimum of $3500 added. $3000 added to Open over two days and $500 divided between the Youth and the Masters. If the show runs on a Friday IBRA points may only be awarded to the home state. IBRA Super Show producers must provide payout formula to IBRA home office and may be required to display on show bill or other advertisement. 

IBRA Preferred Shows

Preferred Shows are produced by the IBRA home office. Any member who wins an Open, Youth, or Masters division at a Preferred Show will receive a Wild Card. Anyone who places in a division at an IBRA Preferred Show in the Open 4-D, Youth and/or Masters class will receive points toward their State Standings following the same guidelines as #5 under Points


A Wild Card enables a member to run at the National Finals and advance to the short go regardless of performance. Wild Cards will be awarded to an IBRA member that wins any Open, Youth, or Masters division at a Preferred Show. Wildcards may also be won at various events approved by home office and also at the IBRA State Finals.Wild Cards may only be used by the person who won the Wild Card and cannot be sold. If you win a Wild Card, it may be transferred to another horse that you have received state qualifier status on. You may transfer due to injury, death or sale of the horse. You can transfer one Wild Card if you have three or more Wild Cards in your possession or you're a top dog and have two Wildcards in your possession, all won with the same horse. Your original Wildcard/Top Dog qualifying horse must be entered in National Finals. One wild card will be offered for sale by each State Director as an awards fundraiser. State Directors or any member of his or her immediate family may not purchase the Wild Card for sale in their own state. Wild Cards expire in three years. Only IBRA members can buy, win or use a Wild Card. In order to be valid, Wildcard entries must pre-enter the finals.


Show Producers may allow contestants to rollover their time in the open class to the youth or masters class or vice versa. Rollover option must be stated on show flyer and any advertisement. Rollover contestants pay entry fee for both classes and only run once. Contestants must designate rollover at time of entry. The pattern must be exactly the same and must not be changed in any manner from the original class to the rollover class.

National Finals Championship

To qualify for the National Finals:

  1. Any member with 100 points or more at the end of the season in the Open, Youth, Masters, Open Range, or has a Wild Card will be considered a State Qualifier
  2. You must be an IBRA member to enter the National Finals. Only the members who are State Qualifiers and pre enter the National Finals by the pre-entry deadline will be eligible to run for the National Title, Short Go money and awards.
  3. You can qualify in more than one division on different horses.    
  4. If you have to substitute for the National Finals, you may only substitute with a horse you own or have ridden and received points on during the season or you will lose your State Qualifier and/or Top Dog status. 

Dress Code

Long sleeved, button up, collared shirt, a cowboy hat or safety helmet and cowboy boots. Shirt tails must be tucked in. This dress code will be strictly enforced at all Preferred Shows, State Finals and National Finals. Anyone making a run at any of these shows that is found to be in violation of the dress code will be assessed a no time. Show producer has the right to refuse attire they deem inappropriate and waive dress code on their show bills at time of show. Directors may opt to have an alternative dress code for State Finals if approved by the home office. 

Policy on Returned Checks

BAD CHECKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There will be an automatic $30 fee for each time a check is returned. The party that wrote the bad check will have 7 days to make the check good along with the $30 returned check fees. Should the party still be delinquent after the 7 day grace period, the contestant bouncing the check or the member or members for which the check was written will be placed on suspension and will not receive points for the show for which the check was written as well as any shows they may attend while they are on suspension. This includes checks for merchandise and checks made to anyone IBRA does business with. If restitution is not made within 30 days of the date of the check, the member/members will lose ALL points and be placed on a public suspended list until payment is made. Lost points will not be reinstated. Any non-member who presents a returned check will be restricted from participating until the check and fine is made good and will be on a cash only basis for the remainder of the show season. 

Suggested Payout

Suggested payout for IBRA sanctioned shows: Added money will be divided the same amount of places among all divisions. All prize money must be paid out. If not enough riders qualify in a division based on numbers of places paid, the money which is unaccounted for shall be divided equally among those who have placed in that division. If no riders qualify in a division, the prize money for that division shall be equally divided among those riders in the other divisions of that class who have won prize money. The following table shows the number of places to be paid for the stated number of entries: 

4-D Format
Divisions: 1D=40%, 2D=30%, 3D=20%, 4D=10%

3-D Format
Divisions: 1D=50%, 2D=30%, 3D=20%

Places 1-12 12-20 21-40 41-74 75-100
1st 100% 60% 50% 40% 30%
2nd - 40% 30% 30% 25%
3rd - - 20% 20% 20%
4th - - - 10% 15%
5th - - - -


Number of Entries

Places 101-150 151-200 201-250 251-300 301+
1st 28% 27% 24% 23% 22%
2nd 22% 20% 18% 17% 16%
3rd 18% 16% 15% 14% 12%
4th 14% 12% 12% 11% 11%
5th 10% 10% 10% 9% 9%
6th 8% 8% 8% 8% 8%
7th - 7% 7% 7% 7%
8th - - 6% 6% 6%
9th - - - 5% 5%
10th - - - - 4%