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Below please see the links to the draws of our 2014 IBRA National Finals Classes. Please check your name and your horses names to ensure that we have everything correct. If you see any mistakes please email us via our contact page. If you try to call the office and do not get through we may have high call volumes so please wait a few minutes and try again. We will be updating this list in the next couple of days to show your qualification status (State Qualifier, Top Dog, Wildcard) so please continue to check back for this to ensure we have your proper qualification noted. Thank you! 

 Sponsor Directors Race

$10,000 Guaranteed Race

$30,000 Added Open 

Youth Draw




 ****Must Mention IBRA to recieve show pricing****


IBRA Rates

$49.99(Single) $59.99(Double)

Call: 765-795-6900


2014 IBRA National Finals Charity Information

Fed with Faith is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless population in our community. We are currently on the frontlines of this problem. We serve meals, collect and deliver donations to the indigent populations in our area. We do direct support in the streets, shelters and homeless camps. We feel it is only by learning, listening and spending time with the homeless can we really benefit them. Learning who they are is the first step in helping them with their needs. We are dedicated to those we serve.

Our goal is to open 2 transitional houses: One for youth 18 to 21 and another for girls who are victims of sex trafficking. It is by doing street outreach that we are building relationships with those in needs to survey who will need the transitional housing. 

Donations needed (we will have a collection point for these items at the IBRA Merchandise Booth):

 Tents, Sunscreen, Baby Wipes, Tarps, Soaps, Ponchos, Sternos, Deodorant, Back Packs, Propane, Shampoo, Tooth Paste, Propane, Stoves, Feminine Needs, Tooth Brushes, Sleeping Bags, Neosporin, Razors, Blankets, Band-Aids, Shaving Cream, Bus Tickets, Canned Goods, Chapstick, Batteries, Fire Logs, Individual Laundry Soap, Socks, Small Radios, Alcohol Free Mouthwash, Underwear, Towels, Combs & Brushes, Bras, Pillows, Water, Sneakers & Boots, Diapers, Gallon & Quart Size Zip Lock Bags * * We use these bags to pack items such as soap and toothbrushes.

Monetary Donations may be brought to the show office or sent to:

4107 Hillsboro Road

Louisville, KY 40207